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  • John deVadoss, CEO

    John has a track record of incubating and scaling new products and businesses. He was most recently GM of Digital Transformation, building a new P&L. Earlier, he was a Product Unit Manager in .the NET team shipping application frameworks. John is a published author, with a number of books. He has an MS in Machine Learning and studied for a Ph.D. Linkedin
  • Mark Baciak, Engineering

    Mark has held various strategic roles in many industries including but not limited to: Financial Services, Life Sciences, Software, Travel, Defense, Federal, and Manufacturing. He was able to pioneer many technologies still present in these industries today. Using this knowledge, Mark has a proven track record of delivering $100+ million dollar projects on time and budget globally. Linkedin
  • Peng Huang, Product

    Peng was previously responsible for a global P&L with 2000+ employees and has built-up an incubator for startups. Earlier in his career, he led developer tools and ISV/SI businesses in China. Well before the dot-com wave, Peng developed one of the earliest WML booking sites for an e-travel startup. Linkedin
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